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I’m deleting my personal blog, heavenandhell, so I’m assuming this one will be deleted as well. I had fun giving you all recs but all good things must come to an end… Unless you want to keep reading porn then by all means feel free to do so. Obviously I won’t stop reading fic, I just will no longer rec them anymore.
As a goodbye, here’s a last rec:
currently I’m reading Smoke and Lightning. A j2 fic split into three books. I’ve just finished book one and I have to say, it is absolutely beautiful. I’d come across it before, but the summary didn’t seem interesting so I skipped it. I’m so glad I finally gave it a chance. Definitely read it.

Anyone Got Any Ideas On How To Share This Blog With More People??


I would love for you guys to all come and share stuff……

But I’m finding it hard to spread the idea around the Supernatural fandom

Anyone out there want to help out?

You guys. fyspnfanfic is run by me. One person. So yeah, I may inhale fics, but it’s still just one person, and plus, I’m picky about what fics I read, so if ever I’m taking too long to rec something, (I’m currently in the middle of a really long and depressing J2 fic that is super awesome,) I suggest you guys check out this blog and follow! You can submit in your own recs and read others.